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Founded in 2002, the Beer-Sheba project combines a sustainable agro-forestry program with holistic training and an agricultural resource center for young Senegalese farmers.


Improve agriculture Empower the church

Transforming Communities



Bonjour! Il se passe plein de belles choses à Beer Shéba: on vous accueille pour des visites en semaine, le culte du dimanche matin, et divers événements ponctuels tout au long de l'année.

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The Beer-Sheba project is a 100-hectare naturally regenerated forest, located among the Serer farming villages and deforested pastures of the Thiès region.

This ecosystem, now 20 years old, continues to mature, making it possible to observe and study wildlife, birds and insects that have all but disappeared from the area. 

In our nursery, we grow native trees, especially those that traditionally serve as a source of food or fiber.


Through our training program and tours offered for all ages, we aim to train a new generation of stewards of Senegalese flora and fauna.

The Beer Sheba team

Our team brings together very diverse skills and nationalities. Senegal, France, United States, Netherlands, Ivory Coast and Mali contribute to the richness of the center.

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