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Permaculture in the Sahel

The Beer-Sheba project is a 100-hectare naturally regenerating forest located among the Serer farming villages and deforested pastures of the Thiès region. This ecosystem, which is now 15 years old, continues to mature, enabling us to observe and study animals, birds and insects that have practically disappeared from the region.

It is within this framework that the Beer-Sheba team is experimenting with various small-scale agricultural techniques, striving to develop agricultural systems that are both productive and adapted to the local climate. Permaculture is based on understanding the context and its many parameters (social, climatic, topographic) in order to design clever cultivating spaces, with beneficial connections and an approach to restoring the ecosystem and the people who inhabit it.

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Farming God's Way

Before the development of any form of human agriculture, God cultivated the Earth, and it gave its products in abundance. Developed in Africa in response to the food insecurity and poverty of many populations, Farming God's Way is an approach that is inspired by the principles and interrelations present in Creation. Beer Sheba applies many principles and seeks to become a demonstrative project for the surrounding communities.

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