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Train yourself!

We offer training courses in permaculture for the Sahelian climate.

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Permaculture internships

Are you concerned and interested in climatic issues and the importance of natural and locally grown food? Do you want to know more about permaculture adapted to the Sahelian context?


Beer Sheba trains young farmers and entrepreneurs but also individuals wishing to practice produce growing and animal husbandry in a different way. Our foundation: learning to respect Creation and understanding its natural cycles and balances.

Where and how?

You can come for internships for a few days to several months depending on your objectives and our availability.

You will be supervised by the managers of the Permaculture Garden, Livestock and Nursery.

The daily rate is 5000 fcfa, lunch included.

If you wish to stay on site, several rooms are available for rent, with full board (meal around the bowl with the community).

Contact us for more information.

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