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    Jardin permaculture Fleurs Papayer Jardin permaculture 1/8 VISITS - over here! BEER SHEBA The agroecological center Ancre 1 LES PRODUITS DE LA FERME SOUL CARE MURAL Une fresque murale est née à Beer Shéba avec la collaboration de l'artiste Rick Luth! Lire plus Beer Shéba à vélo Beer Shéba a accueilli sa première visite guidée à vélo, menée en collaboration avec l'agence de voyages Nouvelles Frontières. Une belle réussite d'un point de vue participatif pour les visiteurs, et pour réduire l'impact environmental de nos trajets! EVENTS To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key. Formation NOUVELLE FORMATION AGRICULTURE SELON LES PRINCIPES DE DIEU 6-10 MAI 2024 À propos BEER SHEBA Improving agriculture Empowering the church Transforming communities Beer Sheba is an agro-ecological center located 70km south of Dakar, Senegal. OUR MISSION: Combining a sustainable agro-forestry program with comprehensive training and an agricultural resource centre for young Senegalese farmers. DECOUVRIR OUR NURSERY IS OPEN! Discover our products 18 YEARS 139 INTERNS 60 + TREE SPECIES 91 HECTARES RESTORED Contact

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    BEER SHEBA Founded in 2002, the Beer-Sheba project combines a sustainable agro-forestry program with holistic training and an agricultural resource center for young Senegalese farmers. Improve agriculture Empower the church Transforming Communities VISITES EVENNEMENTS Bonjour! Il se passe plein de belles choses à Beer Shéba: on vous accueille pour des visites en semaine, le culte du dimanche matin, et divers événements ponctuels tout au long de l'année. 2022 2023 2024 About The Beer-Sheba project is a 100-hectare naturally regenerated forest, located among the Serer farming villages and deforested pastures of the Thiès region. ​ This ecosystem, now 20 years old, continues to mature, making it possible to observe and study wildlife, birds and insects that have all but disappeared from the area.  In our nursery, we grow native trees, especially those that traditionally serve as a source of food or fiber. Through our training program and tours offered for all ages, we aim to train a new generation of stewards of Senegalese flora and fauna. ​ The Beer Sheba team Our team brings together very diverse skills and nationalities. Senegal, France, United States, Netherlands, Ivory Coast and Mali contribute to the richness of the center.

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    Carry the vision We need skills. Livestock Veterinarian and Head of the livestock branch We continually seek to develop a way of living and doing agriculture adapted to the Senegalese and Sahelian context. The livestock branch is an important source of income for Beer Sheba, and we want to create increasingly robust and qualitative livestock breeds for natural breeding. ​ ​ Marketing Head of product development and marketing In order to make Beer Sheba 100% self-sufficient, and to continue to be an economic driver in our rural community, we need to develop our products. ​ ​ Construction and Maintenance Site supervision, Maintenance manager Beer Sheba has been building its premises for years in laterite CEB. The low qualification of the masons and, constraints of the clay soil and the climate require extensive monitoring of the sites as well as constant maintenance. ​ ​ ​ ​

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    OU TROUVER NOS PRODUITS EN FRANCE ET EN EUROPE Faites-vous livrer nos produits LES BOUTIQUES Boutique du centre Beer Shéba Pépinière du centre Beer Shéba La Calebasse Verte Saly Trouvez une sélection de nos produits dans notre boutique à l'entrée du centre lors de vos visites. Au Panier Garni Ngaparou Le Panier Garni est un magasin de fruits et légumes et une épicerie fine qui propose la viande surgelée et les produits "super food" de Beer Shéba (Moringa, Artemisia). Takouma France Pour nos clients résidents en France, la boutique en ligne Takouma propose le Moringa (poudre, gélules, huile) et produits dérivés originaux. Notre pépinière produit des plants d'essences adaptées au climat subsaharien et approvisionne projets et particuliers de manière régulière. American Food Store Dakar La viande de Beer Shéba est vendue au supermarché américain aux Almadies à Dakar. Vous y retrouverez nos saucisses et pièces de boucher de qualité supérieure, provenant d'animaux élevés en plein air et de manière naturelle. La calebasse verte est une boutique spécialisée en produits bio et naturels Sénégalais. Vous y trouverez la poudre et les gélules de Moringa et d'Artemisia. Club Thiossane Sénégal Faites-vous livrer nos oeufs frais et notre viande à domicile via Club Thiossane. ​ ​ GO Le Moulin à Huiles Allemagne Le Moulin à Huile Suisse Bahnhofstraße 8 A, 79206 Breisach am Rhein, Allemagne ​ Chem. du Vorbourg 27c, 2805 Soyhières​ En Allemagne et en Suisse, vous pouvez vous procurer la poudre, les gélules et l'huile de moringa de Beer Shéba au Moulin à huile, une épicerie fine spécialisée dans les huiles et autres produits naturels. PRODUITS DE LA FERME ARTEMISIA 300 gélules de poudre d'artémisia 10000 CFA Moringa Oleifera 300 gélules de poudre de moringa 10000 CFA Huile de Moringa 125 ML 6500 CFA Plateau d'oeufs 15 oeufs frais de poules élevées en plein air 2250 CFA POULET CHAIR Poulet de chair naturel entier 3250 CFA/KG POULET FERMIER Poulet fermier entier 4000 CFA/KG PILONS DE POULET Pilons de poulet 3500 CFA/kg SOT-L'Y-LAISSE Sot-L’y-Laisse 3750 CFA/kg AILES DE POULET Ailes de poulet 2750 CFA/pqt HAUTS DE CUISSES Hauts de cuisses 4000 CFA/pqt BOEUF HACHE Boeuf haché 4500 CFA/pqt ENTRECOTE Entrecôte de boeuf 10000 CFA/kg BEEF JERKY Boeuf séché 2000 CFA/pqt STEAK HACHE 2 Steaks hachés pour hamburger 4500 CFA/pqt STEAK HACHE OIGNONS 4 Steaks hachés pour hamburger à l'oignon 4500 CFA/pqt FAUX FILET MARINE Faux-filets marinés 10000 CFA/pqt FILET DE PORC Filet de porc 11000 CFA/kg ENTRECOTE DE PORC Entrecôte/Côte de porc 8500 CFA/k TRAVERS DE PORC Travers de porc 5500 CFA/kg JAMBON DE PORC Jambon de porc 2750 CFA/pqt BACON DE PORC Bacon de porc 2750 CFA/pqt BRATWURST Bratwurst (porc/boeuf) 5500 CFA/pqt BREAKFAST POULET Saucissettes de poulet 4500 CFA/pqt BREAKFAST PORC Saucissettes porc/sauge 4500 CFA/pqt SAUGE Saucisse sauge 4500 CFA/pqt

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    Train yourself! We offer training courses in permaculture for the Sahelian climate. Back to Our Actions Permaculture internships Are you concerned and interested in climatic issues and the importance of natural and locally grown food? Do you want to know more about permaculture adapted to the Sahelian context? Beer Sheba trains young farmers and entrepreneurs but also individuals wishing to practice produce growing and animal husbandry in a different way. Our foundation: learning to respect Creation and understanding its natural cycles and balances. ​ ​ Where and how? You can come for internships for a few days to several months depending on your objectives and our availability. You will be supervised by the managers of the Permaculture Garden, Livestock and Nursery. ​ The daily rate is 5000 fcfa, lunch included. ​ If you wish to stay on site, several rooms are available for rent, with full board (meal around the bowl with the community). ​ Contact us for more information.

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    Videos and Articles Thanks to our partners, our vision is continuously shared in the form of articles, documentaries and videos that you can find on our YouTube channel. A New Face of the Church NEW "The Church may need to be reinvented to regain its original purpose, to become an organic church led by the Holy Spirit and touching ALL aspects of people's lives." ​ A co-production of Beersheba, JOKKO Media & btwienCLICKS. May 2022 A New Face of the Church "The Church may need to be reinvented to regain its original purpose, to become an organic church led by the Holy Spirit and touching ALL aspects of people's lives." ​ A co-production of Beersheba, JOKKO Media & btwienCLICKS. May 2022 A Deep Litter Article: "A Deep Litter System for the Natural Production of Chickens" ​ ​ By: Noah Elhardt Posted: 04/12/2022 ARTICLE Transforming the Earth with God A co-production of Beersheba, JOKKO Media & btwienCLICKS. Shot on the beautiful sites of Beersheba and Faylar in Senegal in December 2021. Beauty can heal the Earth Come and discover KomLaVie, a farmer at heart. Why and how his passion for nature and beauty enriched not only his land, but also his life. What is BEAUTY? And what does it bring to our lives? A testimony shot on the beautiful site of the Beersheba project in Senegal. ​ An Eden in the desert Watch the film on VOD: Directed by Damien Boyer Production: Orawa In search of green gold "Under a blazing sun and in the heart of the bush, I continue my quest for abundance in the Land of Hospitality. Despite the difficult climate of the Sahel, green gold nourishes the hope of those who know how to recognize its value." ​ Produced by Les Frères Philippe ​ Beer Sheba: Documentary by France 2 A documentary produced by France 2 in 2018. Please DO NOT SHARE this video online; Please ask permission before using this video in any way. Thank you ! ​ ​ ​

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    Support Our Actions Our actions are organized in several poles: Permaculture, Breeding, Training, Workshop, and Community Services. We believe that the Gospel is powerful to transform all aspects of our lives, and thus the relationship we have with Creation, our work, and the people around us. Farming God's Way Next PERMA-CULTURE Next TRAIN ING Next BREEDING Next OUR PRODUCTS Next WORK SHOP Next COMMUNITY SERVICE Next

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    SOUL CARE MURAL Au travers de notre partenaire Ewien, Beer Shéba a pu collaborer avec l'artiste et missionaire Rick Luth pour créer la fresque murale du nouveau cabinet des Soins de l'Ame. Sur la base d'une illustration réalisée par Rick, Isabella Toombs a produit le tableau final ci-contre. Rick Luth Pour plus d'informations sur le travail de Rick Luth Tel: 808-319-1553 Email: L'histoire du projet Qu'est-ce qui vous a décidé à consacrer votre temps et vos talents à ce projet ? ​ J'ai été immédiatement attiré par l'idée d'une salle de soin de l'âme pour la guérison spirituelle, et je me suis senti béni et honoré d'être invité à faire partie d'un projet de ce type. Le travail que je fais avec Create International consiste à contextualiser l'Évangile pour d'autres cultures, et c'était l'occasion de le faire. Même lorsque j'étais enfant, Dieu avait déjà planté une graine dans mon cœur pour les nations d'Afrique, et lorsque j'ai enseigné en Tanzanie, j'avais espéré créer une fresque murale avec les enfants de ce pays. De plus, en tant que professeur d'art depuis 30 ans, l'idée de collaborer avec une jeune artiste talentueuse et de la faire peindre m'a semblé très inspirante. ​ Qu'est-ce que cela vous a apporté ? "La plupart de mes œuvres d'art sont basées sur des messages ou des révélations que j'estime avoir reçus de Dieu, ce qui est très encourageant. Il n'est donc pas surprenant que la conception de cette fresque m'ait apporté autant de joie. J'ai toujours été heureux de travailler sur ce projet : j'ai appris à mieux connaître la culture sénégalaise et a dessiner les personnages, les plantes et les animaux. En fait, au milieu du projet, j'ai rencontré un homme qui jouait de la kora, et il m'a laissé jouer de la sienne ; c'était très excitant !"

  • Evénements 2022 | projetbeersheba

    Ancre 5 Events 2023 Ancre 6 NOVEMBER 2022 FOOTBALL AND EVANGELISM Evangelism Football Tournament: the Torchbearers, Beer Sheba's team, won their first game with a score of 7-4. NOVEMBER 2022 VISIT OF BEER SHEBA MALI Beer Sheba supports the launch of its sister project in Mali; this month 3 members of the team went on site to meet the committee of the association and the surrounding community. The new land of the ABMA is a magnificent 52ha plot, already almost entirely planted with trees, which was entrusted to us for 45 years by the Coulibaly family, a large family from the commune of Bougoula, about 1h30 from Bamako. A very positive assessment for this trip and great prospects for the future! OCTOBER 2022 A NEW TEAM AT THE CLINIC The arrival of Suja, a missionary general practitioner, is a relief for the clinic. She supports community patients with complex medical conditions. One of the boys, a young Muslim, begins to follow Jesus as a result of the love and care he received. Our head nurse, Mansour, who worked at the clinic in Beer Sheba for 3 years, left at the end of August to become a full-time pastor at his Baptist church in Mbour. Pastor Pape Michel, also an experienced nurse who has helped the clinic for the past 2 years, is taking over the leadership. SEPTEMBER 2022 EMBELLISHMENTS Recently we said goodbye to Julianna, who stayed with us for six months as part of her Christian college course in the United States. With a visiting friend, Julianna devoted the last months of her internship to a wonderful beautification project in Beer Sheba, painting Bible verses in various locations to testify to visitors of our Christian identity. ​ JULY-SEPTEMBER 2022 SUMMER CAMP Following the positive experience of last year, we organized a Bible and agricultural summer camp for young Christians, focusing particularly on Christian girls from churches in the surrounding villages. We welcomed 15 girls and 3 boys, aged 15 to 20, from July 18 to September 30. Supervised by our trainers Johannes, Samba and Aloïse, the students followed a mixed and intense program including Bible lessons, Bible reading times, gardening and moments of conviviality. ​ SEPTEMBER 2022 A GOOD RAINY SEASON This year, we had a rainy season which fully deserved its name. With a total rainfall close to 800mm, the farming community around Beer Sheba was able to grow all kinds of cereals. Despite some difficulties caused by the floods, this is good news because it means that the times to come will be easier. Parents will be able to pay school fees, buy medicine when family members are sick, and generally be better off. SEPTEMBER 2022 WINTER CROPS In Beer Sheba, the new Farming God's Way team, led by our new team member, Tom, was able to plant maize, sorghum and beans. They went to the surrounding villages to give training on composting, mulching and the FGW philosophy: to standards - on time - without waste - with joy. We look forward to harvest time when we measure FGW yields compared to traditional farming methods. ​ ​ SEPTEMBER 2022 PITAYA DAY The Beer Sheba product stand during the August the 10th Pitaya day! AUGUST 2022 PITAYA DAY A few kilometers from the Beer Sheba centre, the Pitaya Senegal Cooperative is hosting an open doors day for visitors. See you on Saturday September 10 to discover this exceptional fruit through sales and various activities! AUGUST 2022 KEBEMER HOSPITAL PROJECT The first stone of the new Kébémer hospital has been laid! MATTER, the NGO which carries out this project on behalf of the donors, wishes to entrust the agricultural part of this hospital to Beer Sheba. On the agenda: designing the farm, hiring and training staff, and launching food, medical and community education ventures that will sustain the farm in the long term, based on our experience in Beersheba. AUGUST 2022 SIGNS AND MIRACLES FESTIVAL Beer Sheba got involved in the first big evangelization festival organized by SOS Adventure in Dakar. Despite the flooding of the site by heavy rains for 2 days, God has intervened powerfully to heal and touch many lives! JULY 2022 END OF YEAR PARTY The end of the school year ceremony on July the 15th, to which all parents and village authorities were invited, was an eye-opening event for many. When the children performed drama, dances, Serer reading and a French vocabulary quiz, the parents realized the amount of knowledge and skills their children had acquired through the bilingual education program. We hope and pray that many more children will join The Torchbearers this new year, starting October 10th. JULY 2022 VISIT OF THE BAOBAB ASSOCIATION This month 7 students came from Lille with the Baobab association to contribute to the construction of a new classroom in our primary school. In addition to financing half of the building's cost, the students took part in the construction work and organized activities with the students. JUNE 2022 A LIVING SOIL Final photo after several days of training on the theme "A Living Soil" supervised by members of the Beer Sheba team. JUNE 2022 THE TORCHBEARERS Beer Sheba's Primary School moves into its new premises! The first classroom has just been completed, and an additional room is planned for next year. MAY 2022 Spiritual Retreat Beer Sheba members gathered at the Philadelphia Mission Center in Mbodienne for a week-long spiritual retreat to seek the face of God and be replenished as a team. Ancre 1 APRIL 2022 Women's Football Match The ladies have taken to the football field built by Dakar Academy: an official match was played by the women of Beer Sheba, single vs married! A beautiful atmosphere was created by the supporters of the community gathered for the occasion. MARCH 2022 Community Day - Dakar Academy The students of the Dakar Academy school came to serve the community of Beer Sheba by building a football field at the entrance of the center which will also be accessible to the surrounding villages. Ancre 2 MARCH 2022 Food For Life 2022 - Graduation The 2021-2022 promotion of the Food For Life program in partnership with Mercy Ships has just graduated! A closing ceremony was organized in the chapel of Beer Sheba to congratulate these young entrepreneurs who are now equipped to launch their own agricultural and product processing activity in Senegal and Mali. MARCH 2022 A new school on its way Launched in 2021, the project to build a French/Seereer bilingual school in Beer Sheba is now taking shape with the construction of the first classrooms and an administrative block. Ancre 3 MARCH Moringa Day - Mercy Ships Open Doors Beer Sheba organizes Moringa Day every year as well as the open doors of its partner Mercy Ships. The team and students invite you to attend various workshops and to try original home-made products created to highlight this super food (sorbets, cupcakes, juice, popcorn). Ancre 4 APRIL/DECEMBER Dundal Market Dundal is a farmer's and crafts market organized twice a year by Beer Sheba at the bilingual school in Ngaparou. Enjoy hand-made pastries and dishes under the mango trees of the courtyard. You will also find the center's products such as moringa in various forms, fruit trees from the nursery, barbecue and drinks. OCTOBER Food for Life Mercy Ships has entered into a partnership with Beer Sheba to create a training program focusing on agroecology and the processing of raw products. For 2 years, the center has welcomed young entrepreneurs from several West African countries.

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    Evénements 2024 C'est parti pour une nouvelle année pour poursuivre la vision, prendre soin de notre coin de Création et impacter notre communauté! Suivez la vie à Beer Shéba en images au travers de notre galerie mensuelle: EVENNEMENTS MARS 2024 - DAKAR ACADEMY Pour sa journée de service communautaire, l'école américaine Dakar Academy a choisi une nouvelle fois de venir à Beer Shéba. Les élèves ont ainsi passé une partie de la journée à tresser notre récolte d'oignons rouges: une aide bien appréciée au jardin de permaculture! MARS 2024 - LE SANDIARA Inauguration du restaurant de Beer Shéba, nommé après la ville "Le Sandiara," avec les autorités de la commune. Un grand merci au Maire Mr Serigne Diop pour son soutien au projet. Situé sur la route principale, le restaurant ouvre ses portes en tant que Fastfood dans un premier temps, avec la perspective de développer un menu plus étendu au fil du temps. Les produits de la ferme seront bien entendu mis en avant dans l'ensemble des plats proposés. Une belle étape s'ouvre dans la vie du centre et dans sa collaboration avec la commune de Sandiara! FEVRIER 2024 - CLASSE VERTE Atelier de découverte dans le potager de l'école animé par Dogo, le responsable du Jardin de Permaculture. Nos élèves ont pu observer le développement des légumes et apprendre à les reconnaître à différents stades de leur croissance. Apprécier le vivant et savoir d'où provient notre nourriture sont des valeurs essentielles à transmettre aux jeunes générations. FEVRIER 2024 - RENCONTREZ L'ARTISTE Rick Luth, auteur du "Soul Care Mural" Qu'est-ce qui vous a décidé à consacrer votre temps et vos talents à ce projet ? "J'ai été immédiatement attiré par l'idée d'une salle de "Soin de l'âme" pour la guérison spirituelle, et je me suis sentie très béni et honoré d'être invité à participer à un projet de ce type." Qu'est-ce que cela vous a apporté ? "J'ai toujours été heureuse de travailler sur ce projet : j'ai appris à mieux connaître la culture sénégalaise et a dessiner les personnages, les plantes et les animaux." ​ ​ JANVIER 2024 - JARDIN DE PERMACULTURE Le champ d'oignons du Jardin de permaculture: bravo à l'équipe pour leur travail. Le centre aspire à produire la majorité des légumes consommés sur place: en chemin vers l'autonomie alimentaire! JANVIER 2024 - SOUL CARE MURAL Le "Soul care mural," un tableau réalisé pour le cabinet des soins de l'âme de Beer Shéba. ​ Plus d'info à venir sur l'artiste et le message!

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    Coming from Mbour, at the entrance to Sandiara, Fatick road. Take the laterite track to the right towards Soussane. Visit we Visits guided Opening time Monday Friday 10am-3pm Price visit+lunch 2500 fcfa/person Good morning ! I amAnne-Marie Sané , responsible for welcoming visitors to Beer Sheba. It's me who takes you on a guided tour of the various centers of the center, explaining to you the vision that we carry. On the program:  permaculture garden, barn, Mercy Ships home, dispensary, and conclusion with a lunch around the bowl with the community! Contact Anne-Marie Sané Reception Manager Tel: +221 77 155 49 99 To discover during the visit... Garden of  Permaculture barn Mercy Ships Home Dispensary

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